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Snorkeling is an activity that has no barriers when it comes to age or fitness level. All you need is a mask & a snorkel. Exploring the underwater world just couldn’t be easier or more rewarding. Believe us- it will take your breath away!
Allow us to lead you to a magical kingdom- a realm where innumerable fish play hide and seek with you, pristine coral reefs enchant you, clear blue waters entrance you and the thrill of discovery awaits you.


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The reefs at Andaman offer myriad options for game fishing. Tides pull in huge masses of water every day and provide the smaller fish with an abundance of food. The water also gives the predators plenty to eat and grow, so you will surely have loads of fishes to catch. With help from expert fishermen, you can easily catch a few specimens that will have your friends in a tizzy.

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Unique Snorkeling Trips

Wearing a helmet with a transparent visor, and a special apparatus to allow normal breathing even under water. This is one of the activities gaining popularity with the masses of tourists. Walk on the ocean floor, assisted by life guards, and watch the underwater world from up close! Walkers can go about 6 to 7 m down, and needless to say, it will be a once in a lifetime experience.


Imagine being woken up by the sweet chirpings of exotic birds, who serenade you with their songs as you get ready to embark on a day of exploring. Catch sight of several species of Indian as well as foreign birds, with binoculars as well as the naked eye. Don’t forget to carry your cameras, as you might want to shoot them for posterity.

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Unique Snorkeling Trips

Experience the thrill of being in the big blue. With the clear ocean water sparkling with the glint of the sun, go for a super fun ride on the waves. There are many activities to choose from, including banana boat rides, riding a seaplane, jet skiing, snorkeling, as well as speed boat rides. So much to do that you will need to extend your stay at the Andaman.


Since the scenic beauty of this island is best explored on foot, hence trekking is another activity you can enjoy here. Explore the dense forests at Havelock Island through trekking. Sport Fishing is also an activity one can undertake in the waters and reefs off Havelock Island.

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Scuba diving in Andaman


Unique Snorkeling Trips

A trip to the Andamans is incomplete without Scuba Diving. This is an outstanding water activity that introduces travelers to the exotic underwater world. Navigating the depths of Arabian Sea is an experience to treasure for a lifetime. Go Scuba Diving and pamper the nature-enthusiast and adrenaline junkie duo in you. Explore the richest coral reef gardens on earth, feel the plants tickling your body, swim with flamboyant fish and experience the crystal clear waters wrapping you.